Saturday, 7 July 2012


Life gets difficult sometimes and there's nothing you can do about it. But sometimes, you sit and wonder about the choices you've made and whether they were the right ones and if not, then what would life have been like? You never truly understand the value of a choice until its made. 

But is there really something like the 'right choice'? Or are they just a variety of choices, where each one leads you down a different path? Maybe its all about destiny and none of it is in our hands. Or maybe, everything is in our hands and destiny is constantly changing according to the paths we choose! 

Bottom line is, it doesn't bloody matter what it all means or what it will lead to! There is absolutely NO use for those tarot cards or crystal balls or fortune of the day! Because all that matters, are your choices. And how do you make those? You think in the moment, think about what will make you truly happy without any strings attached. The rest of it, throw it up in the air and let it blow away with the wind! 


I wrote this after I had learnt how to ride a bike. One of the best days of my life. 

I felt like I was feeling for the first time.
I was moving,
And for once the body felt mine.
I was free,
I was high,
I was saying goodbye.
Goodbye to the hard days,
Goodbye to the heart ache,
Goodbye to being worried.
With my hair whipping in the wind,
I turned around to see,
That my past had stopped following me.
My road was bright and clear,
The dirt was washed away by the new rain.
The drops that had found their way to my soul,
Had cleansed it whole.
Now I feel happy,
I feel like this is how I'm supposed to be.
Scarred, broken and crazy,
Healed, beautiful and wise.
In all the mess,
I had found my pattern, my path.