Friday, 18 October 2013

The Jazz Blues

My favorite part of the year is here! Nh7! And in that spirit and mood, here's something I'd like to share.

It takes over you, feeds on your soul,
But replaces it with so much more.
As the first note strikes,
You feel a change in your psych. 
With the guitar strumming and the beautiful drumming,
Your heart starts running. 
Every beat, every pitch,
Is so very rich. 
Her voice fills the air,
Like magic, she traps you in her lair. 
A wonderful spell is cast,
One, you feel, will forever last. 
The sound is so glorious,
You feel surprisingly victorious. 
A melody so sweet,
It's where the Gods come to meet. 
The overwhelming feeling of awe,
With energy so pure and so raw.
You near your own emotional climax,
Ever so slowly, your patience starts to lapse.
As the end of the solo begins,
The feeling of withdrawal sets in. 
Take a moment there, my friend,
Stop and let it sink in, till the very end. 
These moments are sacred and rare,
Cherish them, for their loss if more than you can bear.

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