Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Floating Lights

There's a light inside of me,
Which lights up the path to my goals.
It shows me who I need to be,
To reach them and fulfill my roles.

It goes where I go,
It's my guiding light and my hope.
It makes me good and true,
So if it wanders around you,
Know that you are too.

When my belief in the world falters, 
It tells me stories from souls around the world,
And my opinion is once again altered.
Everything it tells me is all I know,
And that is how I learn and how I grow.

When from my path I have strayed,
It does not sound the alarm,
Just tells me to carry on and not be afraid.
For only when you get lost,
Will you remember the right way.

When my heart is breaking slowly,
My light fills the gaps and comforts me.
When my heart has healed sufficiently,
It leaves between the unstitched seams,
Left behind for me to breathe through.

When life gets boring and monotonous,
The once stable light,
Jumps around 'cause it's time to move on.
Time to find things that might break your heart,
Because they will make you feel a love that might tear you apart.
But maybe that's the best part?

This light inside of me,
Is my companion and my soul.
It teaches me of karma and peace,
Tells me to be patient and bold.

The world is dark and filled with sadness,

But all it needs are our lights and kindness.