Thursday, 12 January 2012

Spider's Web

This is something I had written a long time back. Felt like sharing it now, for some unknown reason. Here goes :)

Just say that it was all a lie,
That you were the spider and I was the fly.
I was flying free, on my own,
But you spun your web and made it look like home.
With your loving words and silvery threads,
I was hooked and there was nothing more to be said,
'Cause I was a fly caught in a spider's web.
All the things you said and never meant,
I was a fool and now the words have left a dent.
Is there any way out of this nightmare?
As my heart can no longer bear the scare.
Now my heart, it just won't men,
Was it all worth it in the end?
The silence comforts me now,
While you're full of laughter, how?
If she makes you happy I guess I shouldn't mind,
But if only she was that kind.
Soon you'll be back with your tail between your legs,
I bet she's going to make you beg.
But when you come back broken hearted,
I won't be here to get you sorted.

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