Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Rewind the Unwinding

I wrote this while I was sitting, idle, in class. The teacher was going on about something I couldn't bring myself to care about like MOSFET(Electronics for those of you who are privileged to be ignorant). I was thinking about the road trip that my friends and I were going to make that weekend. Here goes...

There's a place for you and me,
Far across the sea.
Leaving everything behind,
Let's look forward to how the road unwinds.
Take me step by step,
To explore the very depths.
Cut all the ropes and strings,
Search for what happiness really brings.
Feel yourself melt into the wind,
Every part of you limb by limb.
Let your hopes run wild,
And take that leap like a child.
Forget yourself and your system,
Just exist without a reason.
Appreciate what you have,
Accept what you lack.
Find reason in this chaos,
Give way to your inner peace.
You will then see,
How beautiful the world can be...

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