Friday, 1 November 2013

Hot Chocolate

A sip of hot chocolate,
Does more for us than we can know. 
In the cold nights when there is little light,
That warm cup of brown feels just right. 
With every sip from that steaming tower,
You feel it's overwhelming power. 
That warm stream down your throat,
Helps to set sail to every bad memory boat. 
Every muscle and every nerve,
Loosens and gives you the comfort you deserve.
The chocolatey milk encompassing you,
Wrapping you up in a cozy blanket all new.
And as you sip at it slowly,
You feel 4years old, vaguely. 
As if time has found a way to turn around and glance,
Glance at you in your mother's arms,
Sleeping, while your fathers lullaby disarms. 
The drowsiness that now settles in,
Becomes more forceful and compelling. 
Compelling you to leave all your worries behind,
To let go of the weariness and to become kind. 
Let the warmth and comfort of sleep and dreams,
Send you to a land filled with fantasies. 
So put down that mug and put down that book,
Get into bed, get under the covers, close your eyes and look.
Because a sip of hot chocolate,
Does more for us than we will know.