Friday, 1 November 2013


Turn back the clock please,
I just need some relief. 
Rewind it a bit or a few years,
Back to those couple of beers. 
The sunny happy times,
When we hadn't drawn all those lines. 
Lines that shouldn't be crossed,
Or else everything is lost.
Bring back that time to me,
When we were full of happiness and glee. 
Time that darn precious thing,
Can't even compare it to rare and expensive bling. 
Tide that impatient thing,
Waits for no one and acts like a king. 
Maybe if we made different choices would we see,
It's not about who you want to be. 
It's about those decisions that get made,
In haste and silliness destroying all the plans you laid. 
If I met god today,
I would ask him for one thing for every day. 
A second chance to make those choices again,
A chance to stop and enjoy the rain. 
To let the person know,
That the storm ends. 
That the sun can shine again. 
To at least let the person know,
Where the future for him is going to go. 

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