Monday, 6 October 2014

Dancing Together

Writing is always inspired by something found in the most unexpected places. I found a beat, I wrote on that beat. 

The stars are out tonight,
For all of you and me. 
Lets go out tonight,
And just try to be. 

For all the times we were,
Dancing all alone. 
I am here with you,
So you don't have to dance alone anymore. 

Maybe this time we'll see,
What life was screaming 'bout. 
Maybe this time we'll know,
What all the fuss was about. 

And all the things I think I taught myself,
I feel there are some left,
I could learn from you as well. 

One day our time will come,
To go out the door.
Dance on the floor,
Till we cant dance no more. 

On that day, that time,
I would like to be,
Right next to you,
Dancing till we're flawless and blue.

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