Monday, 6 October 2014

For Grandfather

Slipping through my fingers,
Like water on ice,
I'd like to see your face one last time.
The light and the sunshine,
Shone out of your eyes.
Like an ever blazing fire,
You were a guiding light.
The world was beautiful through your eyes,
It looks dark and damp now with your goodbye.
Candies and ribbons,
Those were just the benefits.
The best bit,
Was meeting you.

The ability to make me feel,
Like the most beautiful girl in the world,
Is given to only a few.
You treasured it,
I cherished it.
Now you're gone,
To a place far away.
I hope you attain peace and happiness there,
And watch me during the day.
Because at night, in my dreams,
I'll meet you there.
And when I come I hope you'll be glad,
In yellow ribbons I'll be clad.

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