Monday, 1 December 2014

Creative Dry Spell

I feel uselessly calm,
Seem to have lost my charm.
The words don't fit me anymore,
They don't seem to be comfortable anymore.

The solace I found,
Is long gone and not around.
We used to get along,
But now we feel like strangers,
In a deserted storm.

I miss you and the warmth you brought,
You were dependable when others were not.
I feel stagnant and empty,
Lonely and crowded.

I no longer have you, my escape,
I cannot find a world to slip into and fly away.

A book may help,
Help me gain some stolen peace,
Provide a planet on which I would sleep,
And dream the dreams that once came so naturally.

But a child's imagination,
Is more precious than any stolen world,
Or a stolen word.

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