Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Save me,
I'm drowning myself.
I feel my hand on top of my head,
Pushing and shoving it,
Under the water bed.
I open my eyes under,
And I can see the world as clear as water.
The death and the slaughter,
The misery and the abuse,
They all stupefy me, for what is the use?
My life flashes before me,
The one with comfort and ease,
The one with affordable laziness and peace.
The pretty picture changes,
And so do the lives I see,
For who, would want to be me?
I see lives of others who wouldn't want me to believe,
Because their lives are many nightmares together weaved.
But there is a ray of light,
A beacon of hope.
For they were made to survive,
They were made to be brave.                              
They fight their monsters, fight their demons,
So why the hell can't I?

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