Thursday, 4 December 2014


Her mind is nothing but a bait,
And I find myself with time to waste.
And as we have not yet found our goals,
We're all degenerates without a soul.
Because only a soulless human,
Would waste time instead of living.

Young Love

What do we not understand?
That love is all consuming and insane and grand?
You think we have not felt the craze?
Drowned and encompassed in the fiery haze,
What is life but a maze within a maze.


As she watches him fall asleep,
There settles in a sense of relief.
She can now undress in peace,
And not have him judge her piece by piece.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Save me,
I'm drowning myself.
I feel my hand on top of my head,
Pushing and shoving it,
Under the water bed.
I open my eyes under,
And I can see the world as clear as water.
The death and the slaughter,
The misery and the abuse,
They all stupefy me, for what is the use?
My life flashes before me,
The one with comfort and ease,
The one with affordable laziness and peace.
The pretty picture changes,
And so do the lives I see,
For who, would want to be me?
I see lives of others who wouldn't want me to believe,
Because their lives are many nightmares together weaved.
But there is a ray of light,
A beacon of hope.
For they were made to survive,
They were made to be brave.                              
They fight their monsters, fight their demons,
So why the hell can't I?

Monday, 1 December 2014

Creative Dry Spell

I feel uselessly calm,
Seem to have lost my charm.
The words don't fit me anymore,
They don't seem to be comfortable anymore.

The solace I found,
Is long gone and not around.
We used to get along,
But now we feel like strangers,
In a deserted storm.

I miss you and the warmth you brought,
You were dependable when others were not.
I feel stagnant and empty,
Lonely and crowded.

I no longer have you, my escape,
I cannot find a world to slip into and fly away.

A book may help,
Help me gain some stolen peace,
Provide a planet on which I would sleep,
And dream the dreams that once came so naturally.

But a child's imagination,
Is more precious than any stolen world,
Or a stolen word.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Feel the wind in your hair,
Watch the glitter get swept away.

Listen to the sound of your dress,
It sings softly, "Swish swish swish".

Follow the feel of your heels,
It's the rhythm of confidence and steel.

Tuck that stray strand of hair behind your ear,
Feel your earrings against your face.

Twirl the ring around your finger,
Trace back the veins on your hand.

Be aware of every glance that comes your way,
And know that your beauty is not an illusion,
Not a distant dream,
Not your personal fantasy.

It is real and is palpitating,
Within you,
And your soul.

Monday, 6 October 2014

For Grandfather

Slipping through my fingers,
Like water on ice,
I'd like to see your face one last time.
The light and the sunshine,
Shone out of your eyes.
Like an ever blazing fire,
You were a guiding light.
The world was beautiful through your eyes,
It looks dark and damp now with your goodbye.
Candies and ribbons,
Those were just the benefits.
The best bit,
Was meeting you.

The ability to make me feel,
Like the most beautiful girl in the world,
Is given to only a few.
You treasured it,
I cherished it.
Now you're gone,
To a place far away.
I hope you attain peace and happiness there,
And watch me during the day.
Because at night, in my dreams,
I'll meet you there.
And when I come I hope you'll be glad,
In yellow ribbons I'll be clad.

Dancing Together

Writing is always inspired by something found in the most unexpected places. I found a beat, I wrote on that beat. 

The stars are out tonight,
For all of you and me. 
Lets go out tonight,
And just try to be. 

For all the times we were,
Dancing all alone. 
I am here with you,
So you don't have to dance alone anymore. 

Maybe this time we'll see,
What life was screaming 'bout. 
Maybe this time we'll know,
What all the fuss was about. 

And all the things I think I taught myself,
I feel there are some left,
I could learn from you as well. 

One day our time will come,
To go out the door.
Dance on the floor,
Till we cant dance no more. 

On that day, that time,
I would like to be,
Right next to you,
Dancing till we're flawless and blue.